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Argumentative Essay

As the name implies, an argumentative paper is a form of writing in which you argue and make a stand in a particular topic or issue. It has five major components: (1) thesis - your main idea or claim; (2) context - the framework or background of the issue; (3) reasons - your supporting facts and evidences; (4) counterarguments - the objections or the contrary considerations; and (5) responses - the answers to objections. And for your paper to be effective, you have to make a strong thesis statement and find strong evidences to support your standpoint. So here are a few tips on how to write an argumentative paper.

How To: Argumentative Paper Writing


In choosing a topic, make sure that it is arguable or debatable enough for you to possibly make a stronger claim. Consider the number of people who can oppose against your claim, and if you can base your argument on scholarly evidences. It must also be relevant and should be of value. So aside from considering an interesting topic, be sure that it is also important.


Before starting to write, narrow down your topic. Be specific with your methods and perspective. In this way, it will be easier for you to gather evidence. And as a result, the process of writing your paper will be more organized and manageable.


Know your target audience. Define the kind of readers you are writing for. Different approaches work for different audiences. Understanding your audience will determine how your paper will develop, and will also help you determine the techniques you can use as an approach.


In doing a research, make sure that the online resources you are using are established professional or educational sites. You can also use other scholarly sources found in your school library.


Use a wide variety of evidences such as statistical data, both quantitative and qualitative research, and historical examples.


When you state your argument, address the two sides of the controversy, both your own stand and the opposing side. Thus, the readers will not regard your paper as bias and you will get their trust. And in taking your stance, express your judgement and not your opinion.


Avoid simplifying your argument. As much as possible, delve deeper. Look into the underlying issues. You can discuss what made your topic an issue and examine the opposing argument.


Before submitting your paper, don’t forget to proofread and edit. You can also ask someone, who has an opposite stand, to read your work.

In making an argumentative paper, don’t sound too emotional. Instead of emotionally pointing out your views, make a logical conclusion. And remember not to make up your own evidence. Cite your sources and know the possible rebuttals from the opposing side. In this way, you will be more prepared to defend your stand. So for things to be easy, just follow the specified tips on how to write an argumentative paper.

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