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It is no news that some teachers simply give students grades unexpectedly or according to their writing style. This can become a huge problem, especially if you want to graduate with a high score. Make sure you think ahead or else this will not allow you to pass your exams properly. During college, many tend to get poor grades. Try not to send plagiarized term papers. Be aware or else if plagiarism continues, you may even get suspended.

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Truth is, the duty of a teacher is to analyze their students’ progress. They need to find out how capable they are to actually connect ideas. It is all about knowledge that has been acquired throughout their life.  Thus, each essay will be also a result of what they have done and learned in their own life. Students must demonstrate their own ability in a specific way. In this case, it will be done through essay and or term paper writing. But, what happens when you do not know how to write?

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