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Critical Essay

A critical essay is a review of somebody else’s work of art such as a painting, a movie, a play, a book, or even an idea or event. It is an objective analysis and not just a plain summary of the context. In describing a specific topic, you should examine both its positive and negative aspects. You should also provide factual information and not only simply giving your opinion. Yet if you are having a hard time with this form of writing, just check the steps on how to write a critical essay outlined below.

How To: Critical Essay Writing


Before starting to write, first, analyze your topic by briefly defining the main idea or theme of your essay. Afterwards, make an outline based on the main idea that you wish to expand.


Gather information using a wide range of sources such as newspapers, encyclopedias, books, journals, and articles. In doing your research, make sure that you are collecting an ample amount of information, but not to the point that your idea will already be distracted. So make use only of relevant information from reliable materials.


After gathering information, you then have to brainstorm for your thesis statement and create a rough draft of your introduction. Your introduction should be brief but must contain the thesis statement, including the name of the work you are critically analyzing, as well as the author’s or artist’s name. Your stand on the work should also be stated, then briefly introduce the argument you want to develop in the next paragraphs.


The body of your essay should then contain the information that will support your main idea. Develop your argument using factual information that will also support and expand your stand, then compare it to the author’s position, and assess the work as a whole.


In the conclusion of your essay, restate and summarize your position and perspective, but still with evidence to support your standpoint. And don’t forget to reaffirm the title of the work, as well as the author, in the conclusion.


Devote enough time to proofread and revise your work, and to clarify your arguments before submitting.

A critical essay writing helps students develop a critical way of thinking. And aside from being one of the most common requirements in school, it is also the simplest type of critical writing. However, because of the negative connotation that comes with the word “critical”, students also think that it is difficult to do. Yet a critical essay can either be positive or negative, depending on how the writer expresses his point of view. So, just follow the given steps on how to write a critical essay.

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