Howto & Writing Tips

Review your essay and add what is missing

All the paragraphs of your essay are now finished but you need to look through your work and make sure your paper is appropriately formatted.

Check the order of your paragraphs

Look through your paragraphs. Which one is the strongest? You might want to start with the strongest paragraph, end with the second strongest, and put the weakest in the middle. But be sure it makes sense. If your essay or term paper is describing a process, you will need to stick to a specific order and follow all the steps.

Check your essay instructions

When you write a final draft you should make sure the essay is written according to the instructions that you have been provided.

  • Are the margins correct?
  • Did you use the right font?
  • Did you put page numbers and any additional information (name, class, date, etc.)?

Check your writing

At the very end you should carefully look through the whole paper and review it. By reviewing what you have written, you can revise your weak points and improve the paper. When you review your essay consider the following points:

  • Does your essay make logical sense? Leave it for some time and then read it over again. Does it still make sense?
  • Do the sentences flow smoothly from one to another?
    If not, try to add some words and phrases to help connect them. Transition words, such as "therefore" or "however," do help. Also, you might refer in one sentence to a thought in the previous sentence. This is especially useful when you move from one paragraph to another.
  • Have you run a spell checker?
    In order to get a good grade, your essay should be written in a perfect way, without any errors. Therefore, it's very important to run a spell checker and check the whole assignment.
    Once you have reviewed your essay and checked the formatting and grammar, your essay is finished and is ready to be turned in.

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